Loan Tran

Loan TranLoan Tran is a queer and gender non-conforming writer and organizer currently living in Durham, NC. Growing up as a migrant from Viet Nam, their writing takes up questions on home and belonging. They seek to disrupt narratives of queer tragedy, complicate familiar ties, and reimagine the kind of rituals we need in order to be whole and present with the world. An anti-capitalist, lover, and revolutionary optimist, they believe the world matters most in the details and see it as their duty to be obsessed with the minutia and mundane of our lives through prose and poetry.

Participation at the 2017 West End Poetry Festival

  • The Poetics of Migration | Saturday, October 21 | 4:15 to 5:45 pm | Century Center
  • For a full schedule and descriptions of all sessions, see the festival schedule.